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So what can you do about your anxiety?

Treating anxiety involves several components.  If you have panic disorder or physical symptoms, you must first stop fearing panic attacks and physical symptoms.  After that, the mind must be retrained to bypass unproductive thought and worry patterns.

First Things First

I must recommend that sufferers of anxiety disorders try three simple things first.  They are diet, exercise, and sleep.

Diet:  Anxiety can send blood sugar into a tailspin due to the chemicals released in your body.  This can cause additional physical symptoms.  By keeping a balanced and healthy diet you will be able to maintain a consistent blood sugar level and reduce your physical suffering.  Cutting out caffeine and refined sugar can help too.  

Exercise:  Exersice boosts your happy hormones (think endorphins).  It will increase your energy levels and make you feel better overall.  Try 30 minutes a day of aerobic activity at few times a week to start.

Sleep:  A lot of us thing we can get by with just 6 hours of sleep or so and a lot of us are wrong!  Once I began to get 7-8 hours of restful sleep, I saw a lot of my symptoms diminish.

Taking care of yourself is important!  We often don't realize that we are neglecting ourselves until we step back and take a look.  Can you honestly say that you're taking good care of yourself?

These things can go a long way in overcoming anxiety disorders.

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