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Anxiety Self Help Books

Not all books are created equal!  I have found the following books to be fantastic for overcoming anxiety and stress problems.  These books are out of the box and really provide some great insights and techniques on overcoming anxiety. 

The Worry Cure
Author: Robert Leahy

This book is hilarious and has phenomenal insights into how "worriers" think and what to do about it. I liked it because there weren't a lot of written homework assignments. It provided techniques in the medium worriers know best - thinking! It is really beyond CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy), so if you've already tried CBT without success, The Worry Cure is a great choice.

From Panic to Power
Author: Lucinda Bassett

I loved this book.  The best part about this book is Lucinda herself.  Reading a book on anxiety written by a real sufferer makes you feel like you have a true friend to relate to.  She was the first author I read who described the "unreality" I so often experienced.   Recommended for those new to anxiety.

Panic Attacks Workbook

This book helped me immensely!  Something they called the AWARE method helped me with my panic attacks and then generalized anxiety.  A pretty standard workbook, but a little different than the usual CBT stuff, with that little bit being the difference.


Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life
Author: Steven Hayes

Another great out of the box book for anxiety.  Totally different than anything I've read before.  It's a bit cerebral, so watch out for that, but otherwise it has a lot of great excercises you can do in your head that work.  Can you tell that I hate writing?

Feeling Good by David Burns

This one is pretty classic.  If you have never heard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, i suggest you read this.  It's great for understanding how you can distort your thoughts and how this can cause you to experience anxiety and depression.

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